Month: January 2009

  • 52/30/5 Week 3

    This week we drove to Sydney. View Larger Map Here’s a view from the Pyrmont bridge: The Westpac building just North of Darling Harbour: Inside the Sydney Aquarium, the newest attraction, the Dugongs: And a classic favourite, the Platypus: Finally, we stopped on the way home at the Lake George lookout: View Larger Map As […]

  • 52/30/5 Week 2

    Week 2 took me to the Acton area, near Lake Burley Griffin. View Larger Map There’s some construction going on, here’s the crane through the trees: That’s also where Canberra’s bike rental is set up, for a pleasant quad bike cycle around the lake: Here’s a flower, which was mainly taken as a test of […]

  • Game Review: World in Conflict

    [World in Conflict]( for PC is a real time strategy game with a new twist on the genre. Rather than emphasise the base building and resource harvesting that have been at the core of the genre ever since [Dune II](, it emphasises lower level combat, with fewer units and less emphasis on resources.[^1] So rather […]

  • 52/30/5: Week 1

    As promised, week one of the [52/30/5]( challenge for 2009. Today I started with a photo or two of the backyard. Here’s one of the Australian perennial, the Hills Hoist clothesline: Then I drove just a couple of kilometres away, over to the paddock on the eastern side of Mt Taylor: View Larger Map I […]

  • The Exasperated Calculator Game of the Year 2007

    Yes, I’m aware it’s 2009 now. But I still need to cover the games that I played in 2007, before I can move on to the 2008 edition. The rule is that it has to be a game that I played for the first time in 2007 – not paying too much attention to the […]

  • 52/30/5

    I just finished loading a years worth of photos onto [Flickr]( There are some good pictures there, but it looks like I only really got my camera out a few times in the year. So, this year I’m going to try something new. I’m calling it 52/30/5. Each week (the ’52’) I’ll go out to […]

  • List: Podcasts I listen to

    To celebrate the fact that I’m up to date on all my podcasts. In alphabetical order, from iTunes: * [1UP FM]( Weekly review of new game releases and previews. * [1UP Yours]( Weekly discussion of new games and other video game industry things. * Apple Keynotes. Yes, I’m a fanboy. So sue me. * Battlestar […]

  • Game Review: Mirror’s Edge

    [Mirror’s Edge](, by DICE, published by Electronic Arts. I don’t play a lot of games all the way to the finish. The current pile of unfinished games includes *Assasin’s Creed*, *Oblivion*, *Fallout 3*, *Mass Effect*, *Super Mario Galaxy* and *Psychonauts*. So the first thing to note about Mirror’s Edge is that I actually finished the […]