Month: January 2008

  • Too much time + high altitude =

    [This take-off of Hotel California from astronomers in Hawaii]( Quite a good singer, which makes this quite a bit better than the average for this kind of joke.

  • Coming soon to Batemans Bay

    [Global warming could lead to coral reefs moving further south]( Last thing the South Coast needs is *more* tourists, of course. Judging from the last weekend of the year it’s already bursting at the seams.

  • Physics and flight

    [The Russian SU-30MK can stop and hover in mid-air]( Fun toy. Probably a little pricey.

  • Anti-semitism made easy

    [The Zionist-Conspiracy-O-Matic]( Funny. But don’t forget that some people actually believe this poison.

  • Counter-intuitive findings

    [More medical treatment doesn’t (necessarily) make you better]( Health ‘economics’ is a very tricky area – most of the usual rules of economics go out the window when people start to have near-infinite demands for healthcare. But the underlying idea here is interesting – in the US system you can buy as much healthcare as […]

  • Holiday!

  • Happy Australia Day!

    Go throw something on a barbie, play some backyard cricket, or complain about the politicians. You know, something Australian. I’ll be back on Tuesday. Everyone have a great long weekend. And if you don’t get the long weekend because you’re not in Australia: [Why not fix that?](

  • Cool music

    [A Brazilian ice-cream company has a competition where you can find an iPod in your ice cream]( Incredibly clever packaging, a good example of someone not letting the fact that an idea is impossible stop them.

  • Not getting the point

    [A beautiful but silly wine decanter]( Why silly? Because half the purpose of a decanter is to aerate the wine – after all, sediments are pretty rare in modern wines. So if the wine can’t breathe, why bother decanting?

  • The best story The Onion has ever done

    From The Onion’s week of true stories: [“Gore Wins Oscar, Nobel Peacce Prize for Slide-Show Presentation]( The deadpan accuracy of the story is probably the funniest bit.