Month: January 2008

  • Working backwards

    [A magician does the table cloth trick backwards]( The whole act is pretty funny, watch the whole thing.

  • Distorted perceptions

    [Caricatures are better than realistic sketches for identifying people]( Memory is a pretty strange thing – this study suggests that adapting to the way it works rather than simply forcing people to remember the ‘right’ way might be the most effective way to go.

  • Rational economics

    I was listening this morning to a [recent episode]( of the great podcast [Skepticality](, and I was very struck by a question host Swoopy asked of interview-ee Michael Shermer, talking about his [new book]( on economics and psychology: > What do we do […] to make better rational choices and fewer emotional ones. Dr Shermer…

  • More free reading

    [*Repbulic*, by Charles Sheehan-Miles]( Haven’t read it yet, so don’t know if it’s any good. But I like the genre, so I’m optimistic.

  • My next coffee machine

    [The $US 20,000 halogen-powered siphon bar coffee machine]( No one could possibly think that’s excessive for the public service, right? It would definitely be productivity enhancing.

  • Quickest toast in the west

    [A jet powered toaster that can toast bread in 50 seconds]( I believe I agree with Homer Simpson when i say: 50 seconds? But I want it now!.

  • Brilliance in design

    [Pen fork and spoon attachments for your pen]( I agree with Gizmodo – the peak of all human achievement has now been reached.

  • Broad based investment

    [Buy a share of the future income of a baseball player]( Given the direction of the stock market lately, this seems like a really good idea to me. But I’d love to see it expanded – why not have a market for the graduates in the department? (I’d personally like a bit more information on…

  • The problem of hope

    So, there’s a movie of [Watchmen]( coming out. Probably the greatest graphic novel of all time. Now, it’s a film based on Alan Moore comics, [so it’s]( [going to]( [suck]( But… Every time I see something from [the director’s]( blog I start to get a little hope that it might be OK. [Like these story…

  • Great moments in policy

    [A dispute over whether something is a cake or biscuit could cost 3.5m pounds]( This is *exactly* what euro-skeptics think of the EU in the UK. How on earth could you say that those are cakes?