Month: October 2007

  • Timing

    [Qantas buys 12 planes, and one week later that model is grounded in Europe]( Of course, this is far far better than *the other way around*.

  • Management literature

    [Why the movie *Saw* is good for middle managers]( The *Saw* movies (and their close cousins, the *Hostel* movies) are the worst trash Hollywood has ever made.

  • Pricing

    Average fare from my house to Canberra Airport: $45-50 Current fare from [Canberra to Melbourne on Tiger]( $49.95

  • Election07: Alphabetic edition

    *Announcements*: * ALP announces [a plan to save the Great Barrier Reef]( ($200m). * Coalition announces [100 new Australian Technical Colleges]( ($270m, but $2 billion over ten years). *Other*: [Downer and McClelland to meet in a debate in mid November]( *Line of the day*: Disendorsed family first candidate [Andrew Quah](, : > I might have…

  • Hopefully not a trend

    [The company anthem for computer game company Infogrames]( The worst part is not actually the existence of the anthem so much as the words…

  • Alarming

    [A Darth Vader alarm clock]( Fortunately, my snooze button is more powerful than he can possibly imagine.

  • Partying with cheese

    [A cheeseboard that also works as a whiteboard]( I shudder to think what would happen if this was allowed near most economists…

  • More halloween fun

    [Make your own sugar skulls]( Delicious *and* scary, can’t beat that!

  • Modern fire place

    [A fireplace designed in a more modern way]( People who know my aesthetic preferences probably already know that I think this looks really good…

  • Election07: 8×10 color glossy photograph edition

    *Annoucements*: * ALP: [$1 billion for urban desalination projects through a 10% tax credit]( * Coalition: [$393m for skills training through vouchers]( (for those over 25 and without a year 12 equivalent]. *Other*: Some [fuss for the PM]( 2004 claims about interest rates, and leaks from Cabinet about Kyoto. Line of the day: [John Howard,…