Month: October 2007

  • Election07: Keifer Sutherland edition

    *Announcements*: * Coalition announces [$444m for more doctors and nurses]( * ALP announces [a national public holiday hospital report card system]( *Other*: [Not a good day for Tony Abbott]( 24 days to go.

  • Type art

    [Beautiful typographic art]( I love fonts.

  • Worst bookcase ever

    [A very unstable bookcase]( Probably not what you want if you are trying to encourage people to read.

  • Donner party, table of eight

    [A guide to when it’s safe to eat people with various diseases]( Hopefully I’ll never need it, but handy to know…

  • Context

    [Where plants and animals fit in the scheme of things]( It’s amazing just how much of the genetic variation in the world is in things smaller than can be seen.

  • Going in the right direction

    [The new version of Microsoft Live Maps will give you directions that include signs that you’ve gone too far]( Better, but the future is probably when the online maps begin to link up with GPS systems.

  • Election07: Silver anniversary edition

    *Announcements*: * Coalition announces [$168m in training vouchers for small business]( * ALP announces a [20 per cent renewable energy target for 2020]( *Polls*: [Newspoll]( ALP 54-46. *Other*: [The great debate]( (Treasurer edition). 25 days to go.

  • A guide to English

    [Petter Sellers runs through the various English accents]( Quite brilliant.

  • One last Halloween post

    [How to make a fake bloody gash]( If only Australia took this one seriously, it could be quite a bit of fun. Try Georgetown (Washington DC) on Halloween to see what *real* Halloween is like.

  • New ideas

    [A push for plain English in US government forms and laws]( But, as always in politics, [George Orwell was there first](