Election07: 8×10 color glossy photograph edition


* ALP: [$1 billion for urban desalination projects through a 10% tax credit](http://alp.org.au/media/1007/msiwatloo280.php).

* Coalition: [$393m for skills training through vouchers](http://liberal.org.au/info/news/detail/20071028_SKILLSTRAININGFORTHEFUTURE.php) (for those over 25 and without a year 12 equivalent].

*Other*: Some [fuss for the PM](http://www.theage.com.au/news/federalelection2007news/pm-forced-onto-defensive/2007/10/28/1193555531666.html): 2004 claims about interest rates, and leaks from Cabinet about Kyoto.

Line of the day: [John Howard, displaying tremendous consistency](http://abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/10/28/2072458.htm):

> What matters is precisely what happens in the future

And, in the same interview:

> The housing interest rate – now at 8.3 per cent – is lower than at any time under the former Labor Government

27 days to go, at Alice’s Restaurant.