Month: July 2007

  • Not my next bike

    [Possibly the most dangerous wheeled device around](

  • Pirate-onomics

    [The social organisation of pirates](

  • What about the excess?

    [The insurance claim of Optimus Prime](

  • Can’t get enough of this blog?

    Just a quick reminder (given that I can’t think of anything to write tonight…) that there’s more to be seen if you haven’t visited the actual site of the blog in a while. (Thanks to good old RSS, I suspect a few readers of this site don’t ever come to the page). Thanks to [Google […]

  • Great plans of our time

    [A man robs a bank disguised as a tree](

  • Why there are no TV shows about journalists

    [Jane Galt explains](

  • Paper models of audio gear

    [Uselss but clever models of vintage audio equipment](

  • Japanese game shows

    [Just never ever get dull](

  • Data security

    [A USB drive with an iris scanner for added security](

  • Career Zombies

    Zombie in a Suit Originally uploaded by Arif Ansari Have you ever had some task follow you from job to job? Transferred divisions in a company and ended up doing the same kind of thing? For instance, suppose you got lumped with sorting out your department’s filing. You finally escape somewhere else, only to get […]