Month: July 2007

  • Hedge funds

    [A quick primer on hedge funds](

  • Not coming soon enough

    Two movies I’m looking forward to: [Get Smart]( and [The Golden Compass](

  • Movie Review: Amazing Grace

    [Amazing Grace]( is the tale of [William Wilberforce](, the crusading British MP who was instrumental in the banning of the slave trade. The story picks up in the very late 1790s, with Wilberforce defeated by the pro-slavery forces in parliament. Sickly and defeated, he tells the tale of the early days of his involvement in […]

  • DIY rockets

    [Make a rocket from a jam jar](

  • iPod security

    [The ultimate way to secure your iPod]( ([Via](

  • Finishing what you started

    [Brian May will soon submit his thesis for his PhD in Physics]( ([Via](

  • Don’t think too hard about it

    [A lollipop in the shape of Sigmund Freud’s head](

  • For your next meeting

    [The ultimate Darth Vader costume](

  • Two months until September…

    [The premiere dates for FOX TV series](

  • Next halloween

    [Try putting these soaps in your bathroom](