Month: July 2007

  • Movie Review: The Simpsons

    As you may (possibly) have heard by now, there’s now a movie version of the The Simpsons TV series. The plot is pretty simple: Homer does something stupid, it was horrible consequences for the town, and as a result Marge and the family get very annoyed by him. But *The Simpsons* has never really been […]

  • Where does the money go?

    A [guide to exactly why political campaigns cost so much](

  • Impratical clocks

    [A Japanese designed table clock that works by tilting](

  • It’s not just Hollywood

    [Ten ripoffs of American culture by overseas studios]( My favourite: the Bollywood jaws with musical shark attack scene.

  • More watches

    [The most accurate watch ever made](

  • Weird sculpture

    [A kinetic giant squid sculpture](

  • The strange appeal of Facebook

    In recent weeks (since mid-July, really) the social networking website [Facebook]( has become the centre of a pretty substantial hype storm. Whenever you see discussions of new websites in the mainstream press, something different is happening. So, why? On its surface, Facebook is not much different than the previous champion of social networking, [Myspace]( But […]

  • But stay still the rest of the time

    Researchers at MIT have come up with a [TV remote based on hand signals](

  • DIY pens

    How to turn a $2 pen [into a Mont Blanc](

  • Computing with toys

    A 1934 computer [made from Meccano](