Month: May 2007

  • Edible pawns

    [Bake your own chess set](

  • Book Review: The Last Colony, John Scalzi

    I took a quick break from my Hugo review series to read the latest from [John Scalzi]( *The Last Colony* is a sequel to *Old Man’s War* and *Ghost Brigades*. The plot follows on from the past two books. John Perry and Jane Sagan are now retired from the Colonial Military, and have become colonists […]

  • Seeing individual atoms

    A [picture from the frontiers of atomic force microscopy]( ([Via](

  • My next desktop

    [Just as soon as I have enough money for seven screens](

  • Peer Review 2.0

    [A new journal with an interesting refereeing strategy]( Hope it works.

  • Thought scientology was nuts?

    Apparently [L. Ron Hubbard didn’t believe calculus worked]( ([Via](

  • Wish we had the New Yorker

    [Two great cartoons]( from Brad DeLong.

  • Investment strategy and the PSS

    As a Commonwealth Public Servant I’m lucky enough to be in the Public Service Superannuation defined benefit scheme. Back when I joined the Public Service this was a really nice scheme. You get a (generous) defined benefit linked to your final salary in the public service, and you get a big contribution from your employer. […]

  • You can’t measure happiness

    Nice explanation from John Quiggin about [why happiness measurement just doesn’t work](

  • The DDR lives!

    East Germany still lives, with [one island left in the Carribean](