Book Review: The Last Colony, John Scalzi

I took a quick break from my Hugo review series to read the latest from [John Scalzi]( *The Last Colony*

is a sequel to *Old Man’s War* and *Ghost Brigades*.

The plot follows on from the past two books. John Perry and Jane Sagan are now retired from the Colonial Military, and have become

colonists in their own right. When approached to lead a new colony drawing people from all across the Colonial Union they reluctantly

agree. But they soon find that there is a hidden agenda for their colony, and they must deal with a new threat from The Conclave,

which has decreed that humanity may not expand any further.

I don’t really have a lot to say about this one, actually. If you enjoyed the past two novels in the series, you’ll probably

enjoy this one. It’s not as strong, probably mainly because the scope of this one is much tighter. But it’s an enjoyable read,

quite a lot of fun.

My one complaint is the ending, which just felt a little bit too forced and ‘magic’. The solution at the end is not really one that’s

likely to work as smoothly as presented. It wasn’t a big problem for me at the time, but has bugged me a bit since.