Month: May 2007

  • New mailboxes for the US

    [R2D2 meets with US Postal Service](

  • Creepiest robot ever

    This ( really creeps me out.

  • A guide to Canberra

    [The Barbies of Canberra](

  • Could it pass the bar?

    [An AI expert system got busted for practicing law without a license](

  • Another cool astronomy picture

    [Multiple exposue shot of Saturn over the moon](

  • User interaction

    Quick question for people – should I bother posting stuff on the weekends, or should I just stick to Monday-Friday? Please answer, I need the feedback! Should I post stuff on weekends? Yes, I check the site every day Nah, 5 days a week is plenty If you could manage 3 days a week, that […]

  • Astronomy picture for the day

    [The best eclipse photo I’ve seen in a while](

  • More cooking fun

    [How to make a chocolate dalek]( (birthday coming up, hint hint…).

  • Just add water

    [A towel that is in the form of a pill](

  • Very boring post

    [The boring store in Chicago]( Certainly not a spy store.