Land Yachts and Tanks

As people who’ve heard me complain know, I often refer to the enormous four wheel drive vehicles cluttering our roads as ‘Land Yachts’, to reflect the pointless ostentation they represent. But a bit more common is referring to them as a tank. So do they actually compare?

  Audi Q7 Panzer I Panther
Length: 5.085m 4.02m 6.87m
Width: 1.983m 2.06m 3.42m
Height: 1.737m 1.72m 2.99m
‘Box'(a): 17.5m3 14.2m3 42.33
Weight: 2 tonnes 6 tonnes 44.8 tonnes

(a): Length x Width x Height

So: yes, some 4WD’s are as big as a tank. Not quite the same in weight, though. And a fairly small tank…