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  • Valentine’s Day

    Saint Valentine. Patron saint of engaged couples, bee keepers, plague and travellers. Martyred by the Romans around 270, and buried north of Rome. Nothing else is known. He was possibly even two different people martyred seventy years apart. According to 13th century legend, he refused to deny Christ before the Roman Emperor and had his […]

  • Papercraft Christmas

    One of my christmas presents this year was this a papercraft penguin. This weekend just past I found the couple of hours to make the thing, and here it is, looming from the bookshelf in my home office. ![Paper Penguin 1]( Some more pictures after the cut. This thing is huge: 53cm tall.

  • What the???!!!

    Via [Washington Monthly]( is this unbelievably strange [story in the Guardian](,,1990795,00.html): > Britain and France talked about a “union” in the 1950s, even discussing the possibility of the Queen becoming the French head of state, it was reported today. > […] > When Mr Mollet’s request for a union failed, he quickly responded with another […]

  • Must. Resist. Sheep. Joke!

    ABC News Online: One of the world’s biggest manufacturers of condoms is targeting New Zealand to test its new range of products because the people there are apparently among the most sexually active in the world. […] Past surveys suggest Kiwis are among the most sexually active in the world, among the highest in the […]

  • Land Yachts and Tanks

    As people who’ve heard me complain know, I often refer to the enormous four wheel drive vehicles cluttering our roads as ‘Land Yachts’, to reflect the pointless ostentation they represent. But a bit more common is referring to them as a tank. So do they actually compare?   Audi Q7 Panzer I Panther Length: 5.085m […]

  • You better watch out

    There are some very strange things in the world, but these Cold War Unicorns take the cake. That said, I’m strangely tempted by this:

  • Worst typo ever…

    From The Kazakhstan central bank has misspelled the word “bank” on its new notes, officials said Wednesday. Hee hee hee! Although, has anyone checked our bank notes carefully? In fairness to the central bank, it does sound like a pretty small typo: The Kazakh word for bank is the Cyrillic form of “bank.” On […]

  • Genocide: a primer

    A quick primer for beginners: Yes, genocide: the premidated, state mediated murder of over 5.7 million members of a single ethnic group. No, not genocide: criticising $350 million in relief payments to farmers. John Cobb describes [comments made by Clive Hamilton] as “agrarian genocide”. Any questions?

  • Wiki-nteering

    I’ve made up a fun new game to play on Wikipedia, called Wiki-nteering. First, you decide on an article that’s the target (let’s say the orienteering page). Then you hit the ‘Random Page’ button, and try to find your way to the target page using the fewest clicks possible. You can only use the main […]

  • T-Shirts I must own

    I think I’ll go get my order in…