My shiny new laptop

January 17th, 2007

Shortly before Christmas my old Powerbook laptop started doing two distressing things. Firstly, it started getting really, really hot and was working really slowly. Secondly, and even more worryingly, the hard drive was making funny noises every time it got used.

So I very quickly stopped using it, which is the other excuse that I have for not posting very much lately. But this left me without a laptop, and my desktop Mac (a G4 iMac) just isn’t up to a lot of the applications I want to run. So a new computer was in order.

For funny reasons relating to tax policy (which I’ll discuss in another post soon), a laptop is a much better thing to buy than a desktop. So, after relatively little shopping around and a lot of work to fit it into the budget, last week I got myself my shiny new toy:

Macbook pro

It’s a MacBook Pro 17″. It’s a simply lovely computer. Really fast, runs windows right next to Mac applications. Lots of memory, and a huge pretty screen.

On the downside, that’s the last big gadget purchase I get to make for a while…