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  • 2007 Game in Review

    For some reason, I played quite a few computer games in 2007. Aftering buying a [Wii]( in 2006, I got an [XBox360]( and [PS3]( to go along with it. And a few games as well. Over the next few months I’ll do a series of game reviews (and there’s likely to be a fair gap […]

  • C64 Nostalgia

    The first real computer[^1] I ever used was a [Commodore 64]( I think it was 1984, so we were pretty much on the cutting edge. Things have moved on a lot now: my current computer has 32,000 times more RAM, and the processor is about 2000 times faster. But in a lot of ways it […]

  • My shiny new laptop

    Shortly before Christmas my [old Powerbook laptop]( started doing two distressing things. Firstly, it started getting really, really hot and was working really slowly. Secondly, and even *more* worryingly, the hard drive was making funny noises every time it got used. So I very quickly stopped using it, which is the other excuse that I […]

  • You better watch out

    There are some very strange things in the world, but these Cold War Unicorns take the cake. That said, I’m strangely tempted by this:

  • Making lemonade from lemons

    While at Harvey Norman today I found this piece of inventive advertising: A Choice award? How fantastic! Let’s investigate… The CHOICE 2006 Shonky Awards Ten products to make you weep in despair. […] The CHOICE Shonky for Best Dirt Redistribution Goes to the iROBOT ROOMBA robot vacuum cleaner (CHOICE, November 2006) […] But what really […]

  • Best. Watch. Ever.

    No more need be said. From Think Geek.