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  • The strange, strange world of tax

    As I mentioned below, I just got a new laptop. Despite the fact that it cost twice as much as a desktop. Why? [Section 58X(2)(h)]( of the [Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986](, which says: > each of the following is an eligible work related item : […] a notebook computer, a laptop computer or […]

  • Stupid, stupid policy

    From [ABC News]( is this brain dead bit of policy: >Australian Young Labor is calling on the ALP to adopt a policy of not taxing people under 18. >Young Labor president Sam Crosby says it is unfair that those aged under 18 have to pay tax even though they cannot vote. OK, let’s ignore the […]

  • From the Annals of Laws Certain to be Followed

    The Australian Government Attorneys General’s Department has just announced (long overdue) changes to copyright law with respect to making personal copies of television shows and CDs. Most of it seems fairly sensible, albeit long overdue. But one aspect of it strikes me as… somewhat optimistic about the willingness of Australians to comply: The first private […]