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  • Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery – 171 days to go

    A few [more pieces of information]( came out this week, giving a better picture of how the show is going to be. * The lead of the show will be a female Star Fleet lieutenant. This is interesting, in that all the previous shows have had the captain of the ship (or station) as the […]

  • Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery – 191 days to go

    The first [details]( of the new show are starting to appear: – It will be called ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. Nice name, terrible abbreviation. – It takes place in the ‘prime’ timeline (that is, not the one of the past three movies). – It will be a ‘serial’ show, with each episode building the story over […]

  • TV Review: The Palace

    [The Palace](, a new series from ITV in the UK. The setup is pretty simple: *The West Wing* meets *The Queen*. That’s a difficult premise to live up to – one of the best TV series of all time, and one of the best films of recent years. Inevitably, it doesn’t live up all the […]

  • Tivo comig closer?

    What do I see in my email this morning but a link to [this]( >Would you like to be one of the first people in Australia to use TiVo? >TiVo currently needs enthusiastic individuals to help test TiVo before its launch into Australia next year. We need your help to ensure we provide the best […]

  • Geek Report: Doctor Who, Season 3

    The third season of Doctor Who just finished, so here’s some quick one paragraph reviews of the episodes. Spoilers (mild) for those in Australia and the US who haven’t seen them yet.

  • TV review: Heros, Season One

    As promised a long time ago, here’s a review of Season One of the fantastic US TV series [Heroes]( I’m going to do this in two parts. First, I’m going to make some general (non-spoiler) comments. Then, off the main page, I’m going to make some more specific (spoiler) comments about some of the parts […]

  • US TV 2006 update

    Updates on the shows from my earlier post: Jericho: Still not watching… Vanished: Didn’t entice me back. Smith: Still canceled. The Class: Every time I say ‘I’m giving up on this’, the show redeems itself with some really good, really dark writing. Still right on the edge every episode, but hanging on so far. But […]

  • The new US TV year

    I’ve been watching (via the magic of the internet) a few of the new TV shows for this year from the US. A few thoughts (in order from worst to best): Jericho: Interestingly enough being aired the same week on Channel 10 here in Australia. Sadly, that’s the only interesting thing about this derivative bit […]