Countdown to Star Trek: Discovery – 171 days to go

A few [more pieces of information]( came out this week, giving a better picture of how the show is going to be.

* The lead of the show will be a female Star Fleet lieutenant. This is interesting, in that all the previous shows have had the captain of the ship (or station) as the lead. Given that we’ve had years of stories focusing on the command crew I think it’ll be a good change of pace.

* The timeline will be 10 years before the start of *The Orginal Series*. This allows for some overlap, but not too much. It is going to make it quite difficult to have a ‘look and feel’ too different from TOS without the show feeling disconnected from the timeline. I’ll wait and see how the on-set pictures look, but a bit worried about this. I’d prefer something a bit further removed, really.

* It’s about ‘an incident in the history of Starfleet that had been talked about but never fully explored’. From the timeline this is the Klingon-Federation Cold War period, although I think there’s been so much time spent on Klingons I’d prefer something a bit fresher.

* Season one is thirteen episodes. Good – for a heavily serialised story that’s about right, even *Game of Thrones* with ten per season ends up with a bit of filler.

* More info (possibly a trailer) coming in October.