Category: Quickhit

  • Before Computers

    [The vaguely menacing Curta mechanical calculator]( Beautiful design, but there’s something about it that makes it look a lot like a gun of some kind.

  • More compact packing

    [A survival kit in a barrel]( Slightly more sensible than the furniture in a crate from last week.

  • Complementary goods

    [Starbucks helps independent coffee shops, rather than killing them]( Nativist views (of which the anti-chain thing is one example) are just out of step with the real world, because they assume a zero sum world. The base insight of Adam Smith and Ricardo is that we’re not in a zero sum world. This is just […]

  • Best Picture

    [No Country for Old Men]( wins for 2007. Well deserved.

  • Retro-movies

    [Really retro – like 12th century Russian]( I love the idea of doing these as religious woodcuts. There are a lot more of these if you look in the rest of the gallery linked.

  • Speaking of weird

    [The strange (and wonderful) behaviour of glass]( I’d never heard of this one before – although I bet it’s a perennial hit at the Christmas parties at the average glass blowers.

  • Flat pack everything

    [Taking a cue from Ikea, a flat pack pen]( Clever. But I bet you can’t board an airplane with one of those in your baggage…

  • Start your day off strange

    [Another cool optical illusion]( I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there are more bugs in the Human body than there are in the average computer OS…

  • Nerds only

    [A marching bands half-time tribute to great video games]( I think it’s pretty likely that this is the nerdiest thing ever.

  • Coming Soon: Mamma Mia

    [The musical based on Abba’s music hits the big screen]( Looks bad. Even worse than the music it’s based on.