Category: Quickhit

  • Innovation in teaching

    [Using lies to engage students]( I think this is a good idea. But maybe I’m lying…

  • Making Garfield funny again

    [The comic Garfield with everyone but the character Jon deleted]( It’s incredible, really. It totally transforms the comic, but it still works.

  • Coming Soon: Married Life

    [A dark comedy about a man who decides that in order to stop his wife suffering when he leaves her, she has to die]( Looks beautifully acted, should be quite good.

  • The Silence of the Bears

    [What happens if you put a Gummi Bear into molten potassium chlorate]( Hannibal Lecter would be proud.

  • The sin map

    [Forbes’ guide to the most sinful cities, arranged by sin]( Congratulations Denver on being chosen #1 for Lust.

  • Strange coincidence

    [The trailer for Wall-E set to the soundtrack for the trailer to The Terminator]( Not a perfect fit, but given there’s no apparent editing it’s quite uncanny how well it all fits.

  • In case you were wondering…

    Up to this point, I’ve written a little over 56,600 words in this blog. That’s a little over the minimum length of a novel.

  • Coming Soon: Speed Racer

    [The directors of the Matrix go very strange in this film based on a cartoon]( The style of this looks superb. I think it’ll be a huge flop, but incredibly enjoyable at the same time.

  • Worried about your carpets?

    [Try installing this floating chair]( I’d love to know what this feels like to sit on – it’s hard to imagine what it would be like. I also wonder what kind of magnets you’d need to have in order to sell this safely in America.

  • Speaking of things that look like guns

    [A spice gun]( This would definitely make cooking more fun!