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  • Tower of Babylon 003: Soul Hunter

    Ooof, very nearly as bad as I remembered. The ‘monster of the week’ episodes were never a highpoint, of the show, and exposition heavy monster of the week is even worse. I’m not sure if the idea could work better with a different approach to the implementation, or if it’s just a bad idea, but […]

  • Tower of Babylon 002: Midnight on the Firing Line

    Season one starts with an episode that I remember as being relatively strong, so I was pleased when it mostly held up. There’s a lot of adjustments that need to be done here to move on from the pilot, but they’re pretty smooth for the most part. Some smart moves, like not bringing in all […]

  • Tower of Babylon 001: The Gathering

    As promised some time ago, I’m adding to my overall nerdry by doing an episode by episode review/commentary for Babylon 5, the SF TV show I love more than Star Trek. It’s been a while since my last watch, so it will be interesting to see how much it’s held up. Overall Babylon 5 was […]