Tower of Babylon 003: Soul Hunter

Ooof, very nearly as bad as I remembered. The ‘monster of the week’ episodes were never a highpoint, of the show, and exposition heavy monster of the week is even worse. I’m not sure if the idea could work better with a different approach to the implementation, or if it’s just a bad idea, but the bottom line is it just doesn’t work.

The only redeeming note is the use of even this fairly silly story to advance the plot, this time around what’s going on with the Minbari. But even that is honestly pretty heavy handed, and maybe overloaded. It would have been nice to have a slightly slower roll on some of it.

One other note of interest is the alien ‘fixer’, N’Grath. It’s a nice idea to show aliens who are something other than humans with clay on their nose. Ultimately it’s a bit too ‘puppet’ like, and again falls short. But the attempt was worth the effort.