Trekathon 864: Grounded (LD)

The brief Trek hiatus ends and Lower Decks returns. Spoilers.

I found this a bit flat as a season opener. There are some great jokes in the background, but the main story itself doesn’t provide for a lot of humour. It’s really mainly a Beckett story about freaking out with her mother in jail. It picked up a bit at the back of the episode, but really it felt mostly like a reaction to a story set up at the end of Season 2 that no one was very interested in. There’s an info dump from Captain Mariner that feels like half a season of plot.

Nice that they got James Cromwell in to play Cochrane, and there’s a continued very careful use of Trek history. Hopefully now we’re past the cliffhanger speed bump we can get back to what the show is best at.

Quick hits:

– I do like the Star Trek brand logo, but it’s going to be an interesting tone clash with Discovery. Do they do one in a grey scale warp?

– Some good Trek lore jokes in the lower third of the opening news story.

– Boiler’s family as raisin growers is a nice joke.

– – Sisko’s is a good surface level reference, Ketracel White-Hot is a great background joke.

– Someone has been to a lot of theme park rides.

– Yay Tuvok. Boo to continued use of non-consensual mind melds.

864 down.