Trekathon 865: The Least Dangerous Game (LD)

If Man is the most dangerous game, I’m guessing the least dangerous game is some sort of amoeba?

A couple of solid, but light stories. What I liked was that they were mainly focused on character advancement, rather than trying to pack everything with jokes. There are some good solid jokes here (including some good story driven ones), but it’s less of a focus than some episodes.

Boimler saying yes to everything is a solid idea for a plot. It’ll be interesting to see if this change in character lasts at all, but frankly the over cautious thing was getting a bit tired. The advice on being there for opportunities is actually some good real life advice, although I think opportunities to be hunted can still be mostly turned down.

Ransom to date has been the weakest character of pretty much all the crew. He’s a one joke character without much dimension. We finally got to see a story with a bit of internal conflict, but it maybe needed a bit more from his point of view to sell it. Mariner is less challenged by character change, although the whole story shows how she’s advanced from previous episodes. Before the idea of her trying to conceal her insubordination wouldn’t have been plausible.

Quick hits:

– I’m pretty sure I had this board game…

– Yay, Cetacean Ops! 🙂

– LOL, a sentient computer. Nice TOS reference.

865 down.