Trekathon 595: Pathfinder (VOY)

December 21st, 2012

Reg Barclay is obsessed with communicating with Voyager.

I loved Troi’s reaction to ‘it all started in the Holodeck. Exactly right, And Reg’s return to his old bad habits after leaving Enterprise also makes sense – he has trouble making human connections, and in a world where you can create friends in a holodeck the temptation to avoid reality. In fact, the story here wouldn’t have worked with a new character, the behaviour would have seemed too extreme.

The end worked well for me – Voyager finally being in two-way contact with home should be a big moment, and it’s played well. Of course, as always it’s a question as to how much follow up there is – but something this fundamental surely can’t be ignored.

595 down, 142 to go.