Trekathon 594: The Voyager Conspiracy (VOY)

Seven of Nine downloads too many X-Files episodes and goes on a conspiracy spree.

It appears that the Borg in the 24th century haven’t fully worked out the dangers of data mining. Too much data means you can prove almost any pattern, so long as you’re willing to accept a special enough case. Seven proves that nicely with conspiracy theories that implicate Janeway, and then Chakotay. I don’t think you’re supposed to buy into them as a viewer, but you do expect there to be something behind them – I was glad that there wasn’t.

The major flaw is that Janeway and Chakotay are a little bit too quick to distrust each other. But Seven has proved her data mining ‘works’, and more to the point they address it at the end of the episode – character inconsistencies happen in real life too, I just prefer them to be acknowledged rather than ignored.

(PS to the writers: you do remember that Naomi Wildman has a mother? Who is still alive? And who isn’t Seven of Nine or Neelix? Because I’m not sure that you do).

594 down, 143 to go.