Trekathon 575: Someone to Watch Over Me (VOY)

December 1st, 2012

My Fair Borg.

It is objectively remarkable that there have been so many Star Trek stories, and this is the first time the Pygmalion/My Fair Lady story has been rolled out at full strength. That takes serious commitment, given that practically every other show on Earth gets there sometime in the second of third season. It’s a commonly used story for a reason – it’s a good story, and it’s easy to adapt to different characters. My only wish is for a little follow up in the future.

As for the B-plot? Ah, the uptight ambassador from the picky species. So will it be the ‘scandalised by the chaotic behaviour of the crew’ or the ‘secret hedonist’ plot then? I was feeling like we’d seen exactly this before – I was right.

575 down, 162 to go.