Trekathon 574: The Changing Face of Evil (4) (DS9)

November 30th, 2012

Worf and Ezri return, and the Breen attack Earth.

Here’s a useful measure of how well this serial story is working – I was annoyed that there was an episode of Voyager getting in the way here. And I’m even more annoyed about the fact there’s another one. I said before that it’s hard to describe the episodes, as they’re part of a serial plot. But that’s not to say that things aren’t being set up and resolved – Worf and Ezri have returned to DS9, the Breen have attacked. More is being set up, but there is a real sense of motion in the plot, not just soap opera delay.

The final scene, with Damar’s real betrayal, is electrifying. We’ve seen him go from a nearly nameless offsider of Dukat to lackey of the Dominion. And now he’s finally strong enough to be his own Cardassian. What particularly works is that it all makes sense in terms of what has gone before – it’s not a sudden development, it’s the logical place for his character to go. And that’s also the case for Kai Winn, and her betrayal of the prophets.

A memo to the Pah Wraiths – if you’d like us to believe you’re not evil, can I suggest a name change? ‘Wraith’ just doesn’t work. Can I suggest ‘spirit’?

574 down, 163 to go.