Trekathon 556: Bride of Chaotica! (VOY)

November 12th, 2012

Voyager can only be saved by finishing Tom’s Holodeck Program.

OK, we can all be honest here. This episode is a flimsy excuse to have the Voyager crew run around re-enacting a 50s Science Fiction serial. I loved it. I’m a bit surprised that I did – I hate most Holodeck episodes after all, particularly Holodeck malfunctions and mysterious aliens.

But the sheer joy and love that’s gone into the reproduction of the SF serial shows up. The sets are as cheap, and as detailed, as you’d expect. The plot and writing is pitch perfect. And they don’t let the setting bog them down – set it up, and quickly run on to the next scene. Pure fun, and really great. Quite possibly the best ‘light’ episode Star Trek has ever done.

(There is also a Janeway coffee moment that I just loved, though. The look on her face…)

556 down, 181 to go.