Trekathon 557: The Emperor’s New Cloak (DS9)

Quark travels to the mirror universe to rescue the Grand Nagus.

Oh goody, the Mirror Universe *and* a Ferengi episode. But then Vic Fontaine got shot, so I decided to give things a try. And while this is an overall bad episode there are some glimmerings of something better in there. In a few places where things aren’t played for laughs there are some interesting problems and character moments.

But this majority of the episode is the same old tired stuff. It’s the ‘mirror universe=lesbian’ problem with Kira, and now Ezri. It’s the Ferengi episode problem of screaming, running around, and being idiots. And the mirror universe Garak should just be kept in a box. “I’m really beginning to hate this universe”. Amen Rom, Amen.

557 down, 180 to go.