Trekathon 103: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (MOV)

The film that saved Star Trek.

I mean that seriously. While the first movie was a success, it wasn’t very good. If the second one had also been bad, then I think that the movie series would have stopped, and we never would have seen any of the other TV series.

Fortunately, Star Trek II is very very good. So good it seems selfish – to have both the death of Spock and the return of Khan in a single movie? Either one would have been enough to carry a movie on its own.

Everything works – writing, acting, special effects. Unlike the previous movie it has a real sense of pace and adventure. The only real problem is the stretches they have to go through in order to justify having Kirk back in the Captain’s chair, where he belongs.

A quick side note: it seems that everyone is always mispronouncing Koboyashi Maru – People say it MA-RU, but the captain of the ship (who, you think, would know) says it MAHR-OO.

103 down, 634 to go.