Trekathon 104: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (MOV)

Star Trek III gets a lot of heat from people who want to maintain the ‘odd numbered Star Trek films aren’t any good’ myth. But it’s really not that bad.

There are quite a few distracting missteps. The recasting of Saavik, Scotty assimilating the contents of the pie van, the silly Klingon dog, Christoper Lloyd as an evil Klingon captain – there are a lot of things fighting to distract you.

But the core plot is very good – Kirk steals the Enterprise, returns to the scene of the previous movie to find Spock, is forced into conflict with the Klingons. It’s all pretty good. The writing isn’t as strong as the previous film, and is probably the weakest element here.

Oh, and the final sequence is a bit silly: we know Spock is going to be OK, it’s the nature of this type of movie. So stringing us on is just a waste of screentime.

104 down, 633 to go.