Month: May 2009

  • 52/30/5 Week 16

    Week 16 is a few weeks late, and the backlog is going to get bigger before it gets smaller. I’m off to Europe in a weeks time, so expect to see quite a lot of photos from that to make up the backlog, and maybe even help me build up a bit of a buffer. […]

  • Wolfram Alpha – the good, the bad, the ugly

    The most interesting search engine to be launched in years just went public: [Wolfram Alpha]( Wolfram Alpha sells itself as a ‘computational knowledge engine’. And it’s a very nice proof of concept. But as it stands there’s some things about it that are quite poorly developed, and some things that should be removed immediately. Search […]

  • How to build a small media centre PC for standard definition TV for less than $A 500

    I decided that I needed a new TV to put in my bedroom. Also, it’s been a year since I played with building a computer, so I decided to try my hand at building an [Intel Atom]( based PC. *Parts* A quick glance over [AusPCMarket](, and a quick email to Dan of [Dansdata]( led me […]