Month: January 2008

  • Na na na na na na na Logo, Logo, LOGO!

    [A graphical history of the Batman logo]( (That was the Batman theme, in case you were wondering).

  • The math of traffic

    [Two mathematicians explain those traffic jams which seem to happen for no reason]( A nice bit of analysis, but I kinda thought this one had been solved years ago.

  • Food hacking

    [Ten tips to make eating and drinking easier]( I particularly like the coke can cooling trick. I think I’ll try that later today…

  • 1928 tourism

    [The first 30 pages of Muirhead’s Guide to London, 1928]( Interestingly, the guide suggests tipping of 20 per cent, which is quite a bit more than the [current suggestion for London]( So perhaps the direction of tipping is not all in one direction as it sometimes seems.

  • The directors shame file

    [Forgotten films of great directors]( Most of these are pretty good films, of course. But not the kind of thing the director usually made.

  • Movie Review: Cloverfield

    This weekend I went to see the new movie from JJ Abrams, [*Cloverfield*]( I went in with fairly low expectations – I enjoy monster movies, but don’t really enjoy Abrams’ work very much. I’m happy to say that I was completely blown away. This is a superb film, which anyone who can stomach it should…

  • Government as theft

    [Conmen in India set up a fake Government office to collect money]( Taking the ‘taxation is theft’ thing a little too far, I think.

  • Is the restaurant main threatened?

    [US restaurants are looking to phase out the main dish]( Amazingly enough, reading this was the first time I’d learnt that in the US the main is called an entree…

  • Quiz of the day

    [The Sci-Fi Sounds quiz]( Missed one, so clearly I need to go back to watching SF movies for another few days.

  • DIY furniture

    [Mail-order custom furniture]( Send the company your plans, and they’ll mail you back the pieces laser cut from their factory. The fundamental problem here for me is that I’m not actually a very good furniture designer, so I think I’ll stick with the pre-made stuff. But it’s a clever idea.