Election07: Masonic secret edition

October 22nd, 2007

Debate wrapup: Strong consensus (from the worm and commentators) that Rudd easily won the debate. Rudd has now called for a further debate including Costello.

Annoncements: Liberals annonce increased funding for cancer care for women ($41m), $174m for water saving measures. Also announced in the debate were some details of the emission trading scheme policy and a review of the Iraq deployment.

Line of the Day: Kevin Rudd stating the bleeding obvious:

This is Australia, it’s not the Soviet Union.

Runner up, in an SMH story:

Asked if he had set a trap for Labor by not publishing his own long-term table of where the tax thresholds would set in, Mr Costello looked very pleased with himself.

33 days to go. Of 33rd degree temperature if the weekend is any indication.