Month: August 2007

  • Attention APEC protestors

    [This is what is in the President’s motorcade…](

  • Debunking genius

    [Most innovation comes in layers, not giant leaps](

  • Red-neck waterslide

    Beer + Bulldozer + Tarpaulin = [Awesome fun](

  • Artistic lunch

    [A gallery of sandwich art]( [Via](

  • Fragile systems

    One network card broke at LAX: [17,000 passengers were delayed for hours as a result](

  • Where’s the beer mug version?

    [Coffee cups designed to be linked so you can carry many at once with ease](

  • Apple stuff

    For those traumatised by the previous link: [An Apple Logo lunchbox](

  • Arrrgggh

    [MacBook Pro + Car = ?](

  • Strangely hypnotic

    [An elaborate home-made ball bearing track](

  • Who shot JFK

    [Why do people believe in conspiracy theories so strongly?](