Month: June 2007

  • Lego art

    [A Nintendo Wii made from Lego](

  • Street art

    [A wire frame sculpture of a Subaru](

  • Nerd politics

    [A finnish politician is campaigning in Klingon](

  • ABC News has a new site

    The [ABC]( launched a new website today, the most interesting part of which is the [ABC News]( site. It is, in a word, bold. Web 2.0 is getting pretty trendy now. Between [Digg]( and [Flickr]( the most common trends have become clear. But would anyone have expected that you’d see a mainstream, conservative website with […]

  • The stars of the diplomatic corps

    [Great moments in the history of dipomacy #760](

  • Another T-Shirt to buy

    [An animated ping-pong T-shirt](

  • US Lawsuit silliness

    A train engineer backed over a co-worker. [Now he’s suing for trauma](

  • Return of the Birdman

    [The Canberra Birdman rally may return in 2009](

  • Bigger iPod

    Seagate predicts [1 terabyte iPods within a decade](

  • Melbourne

    [Helen]( and I travelled to Melbourne last weekend for a quick holiday weekend. A few highlights… Firstly, I really enjoy the architecture in Melbourne. I never quite managed to get a photo of the RMIT campus near our hotel, but I was quite taken with this skyscraper: ![Melbourne Skyscraper]( First day we mainly spent going […]