Month: June 2007

  • Arrrgggh!

    [Google Reader]( is down, and has been down for hours now. How did people surf the internet before RSS?

  • Free Parking

    From [RiotACT]( I found this [web page calling for action on parking]( >The purpose of this website is to channel our frustration with the parking situation into change. Let’s stop whinging to our co-workers and tell someone who has to care – the Government. What we propose is not unreasonable, but the recommendations are designed […]

  • Not for the faint of heart

    [A 33-story high swing](

  • Got an hour to waste?

    [Another one of those fun ‘locked room’ games]( ([Via](

  • Worst. Parking. Ever

    [Photographs of terrible parking](

  • Give your gadgets a home on the road

    [A dashboard gadget holder]( that may actually work.

  • Free book

    [EE Doc Smith’s classic *Triplanetary*]( ([Via](

  • The Redskins don’t suck…

    …yet. As at least a few people reading this know, my sport of choice is the [NFL]( The pre-season kickoff is in a little over a month. Which means that technically speaking the two teams I support (the [Washington Redskins]( and [Oakland Raiders]( are, right this moment, equal leaders of the NFL. With around 30 […]

  • For your next drinking night

    [How to make a bottle opener from a piece of paper](

  • Cutest Office accessory ever

    [The cutest little paper shredder ever](