Month: April 2007

  • Worst themepark ever

    Great [review of a themepark in Japan]( ([Via](

  • What Supervillian am I?

    Apparently I’m [Doctor Doom]( [Take the test yourself]( ([Via](

  • My next CD player

    [A CD player that looks like a table saw]( Very cool looking.

  • Book Review: Android’s Dream

    A quick break from my Hugo nominees reviews (they’re still in the post) for this new novel, *Android’s Dream* from John Scalzi. This is a very, very strange book. The quick summary: After a diplomatic incident (related to farting), one Earth diplomat must find a genetically engineered sheep within the week, or face invasion. It’s […]

  • A Statistic

    [From Harper’s]( Percentage of American adults held in either prison or mental institutions in 1953 and today, respectively: 0.67, 0.68 Percentage of these adults in 1953 who were in mental institutions: 75 Percentage today who are in prisons: 97

  • Dr Who quote of the decade

    From this weekend’s episode: “He’s completely insane” “That, and a bit magnificent”. Best summary ever…

  • Quick ‘Drive’ review

    New series on Fox in the US: 40% *Cannonball Run*, 30% *Amazing Race*, 20% *Lost*, 10% *The OC*. Which adds up to about 8/10.

  • Free sourdough starter

    [Free, 160-year-old sourdough starter]( (a living yeast culture). ([Via](

  • More mash-ups

    [An iPod meets a Walkman]( I’d buy one.

  • Getting back on the wagon

    Yes, I know I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I’m going to be trying to post things a bit more often now. Been a bit busy, plus I’ve been trying to fix up a bunch of other problems with my various websites. I’m also going to be trying to get back on to the diet. […]