Month: April 2007

  • Woohoo!

    [Shakespeare with Ninjas]( OK, not *many* ninjas, but still…

  • Going green

    This website is now proudly carbon neutral. Except… I have to admit that I’ve got some real concerns about the way the current carbon offset thing is going, especially the recent trend towards carbon neutral everything. It’s starting to appear absolutely everywhere – a friend of mine recently had a carbon neutral wedding, and even […]

  • Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates

    Today’s neat YouTube video: [an Animated Steve Jobs takes on Bill Gates](

  • Cool advertising

    [Some really imaginative adverts – very clever stuff]( ([Via](

  • Lego shaped candy

    New from Kelloggs: [edible, gummy-based lego blocks]( Probably not the best idea ever, if you think about the choking hazard of the real thing…

  • Evil alarm clock

    [Clocky is the most evil alarm clock ever]( Only $US 49. ([Via](

  • Capitalism is genetic?

    According to Greg Clark, [the English may be genetically predisposed to capitalism]( ([Via](

  • Hugo Review: Glasshouse

    The second in my series of Hugo nominated book reviews for this year, *Glasshouse*, by Charles Stross Robin doesn’t know a lot about his past. That’s partly because he just had a lot of it erased, and partly because of the Curious Yellow virus that had infected the teleport gates and wiped a lot of […]

  • Aww, cute kittie

    A [kitten playing an Xbox360](

  • Official month mania

    Apparently February was [Return Shopping Carts to Supermarkets]( month… ([Via](