Month: March 2007

  • Water speakers

    By golly, these [speakers made of water]( look so very pretty… Also expensive, I suspect.

  • Groundhogs and Global Warming

    [Should groundhogs be taken into account when predicting global warming?](

  • 21/3

    Weight: 110.9kg

  • I do not understand animal rights

    [According to animal rights activists in Germany](, it *is* a violation of a polar cubs’ rights to painstakingly care for it and raise it by hand after being rejected by its mother, but it *is not* a violation of its rights to let it die.

  • Free Trade?

    Dean Baker makes an [excellent point about a lot of rhetoric in free trade discussions]( > It is positively bizarre how discussions of trade liberalization always ignore the possibility of liberalizing trade in highly paid professional services. I agree with this strongly – but the problem in this area is so severe that even thinking […]

  • Graphic Novels to Read

    [Wil Wheaton reviews some of the great graphic novels]( (I personally love Transmetropolitan dearly, 60 issues doesn’t seem anything like enough). (Warning: link is safe for work, but the overall website is decidedly not. Click at your own risk).

  • Explaining Star Wars

    A [detailed explanation]( filling in all the plot holes in Star Wars episodes I-III. ([Via](

  • The greatest thing ever

    [From TV Squad]( > On a video interview on his Web site ShatnerVision, Shatner mentioned he was trying to sell a recording of himself narrating the Book of Exodus backed by a full symphony and three-hundred and fifty singers.

  • The lessons of Apollo 1

    [Some thoughts from space historian Jim Olberg]( ([Via](

  • Self-parking cars

    [A review by Manhattan’s self proclaimed expert]( (and publisher of *Beautiful Spot*, a magazine about parking). ([Via](