Month: March 2007

  • Hugo Review: Temeraire

    The [Hugo Award]( [nominations for 2007]( were just announced this week. I’m going to be reading all of them over the next few weeks, starting with *Temeraire* by Naomi Novik. The novel is set in 1795, and Captain William Laurence has just captured a French frigate carrying precious cargo – a dragons egg, about to […]

  • Nine months

    [Well, thank goodness that we went to all that trouble for David Hicks…](

  • Today’s silly trailer

    Trailer for [When Harry Met Sally remixed as a horror film]( ([Via](, which has a few more good links)

  • Another present suggestion

    [Watch movement cuffliinks](

  • Weekend project

    [Make your own Trebuchet]( Fun!

  • Hide your TV

    I’ve always thought those beds with the TV built into the foot were not very well thought out (imagine the neck strain you’d get watching them…). [Here’s a better way to do the same thing](

  • Must. Resist. New Zealand. Joke!

    [Scientists have created a sheep that is 15% human]( ([Via](

  • The Book Nobody Read

    I’ve just finished Owen Gingerich’s *The Book Nobody Read*, a history of [Copernicus](’ *[De revolutionibus orbium coelestium](*. *De revolutionibus* is a very important book, but it was once labeled “The Book Nobody Read”, due to its extremely technical fashion. The book gives the Copernican heliocentric theory, but also included a lot of technical details. Gingerich’s […]

  • Great moments in journalism

    From a San Francisco Chronicle [story about a local political scandal]( >That seemed to be the buzz on the streets of San Francisco, too. Tarri Chandler, who said she was homeless and was carrying a cardboard cup that read “Cold, very hungry, please help,” said she didn’t think it was much of a story. Bizarre! […]

  • Open source geology

    Great story about the benefits of “crowd-sourcing” [in places where you wouldn’t expect]( ([Via](