Month: February 2007

  • How big is my space ship?

    [A handy comparison chart]( next time you need to work out how big your spaceship is. ([Via](

  • Doctor Who translated into Jamaican

    [A little more YouTube rubbish for you]( ([Via](

  • What use is an appendix?

    [Apparently none at all]( ([Via](

  • But what about Undo?

    [This new eraser]( from Art Lebedev Studio is the coolest thing ever… ([Via](

  • Where are they taking the Hobbits?

    [I am not responsible if you press play and can’t get the tune out of your head.]( ([Via](

  • Better than ACTION

    [Soviet bus-shelters]( – strangely beautiful. ([Via](

  • Self-diagnosis

    Has anyone ever seen a better [description of me](

  • The problems with Wikipedia

    [Wikipedia]( is one of the most incredible developments that I’ve ever seen. An encyclopedia that anyone can edit? Sounds like a fruitbat notion doomed to failure. But it’s worked. Mostly. There are a few fault points developing. And these may show the beginning of the end for Wikipedia as we know it. A couple of […]

  • The best eight word summary of the Iraq war plan

    The US [National Security Archive]( (not an official body) has just obtained the [PowerPoint briefing on the Iraq war plan from 2002]( There’s lots of great stuff in this, but I was particularly struck by one sentence from the second slide in the pack >Thinking “outside the box”, but “inside a compartment” When they come […]

  • Movie Review: The Last King of Scotland

    Last week we went to see [The Last King of Scotland](, the new film based on the regime of [Idi Amin]( The film (based on the book of the same name) is a fictionalised account of a doctor (Nicholas Garrigan, played by [James McAvoy]( who falls in with the regime of Amin. But the centre […]