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Google search results

December 12th, 2006

Strange thing: right this moment, I’m the top result in Google for ‘promoted to EL2‘. 🙂

Update: Ooh, and I’m 6th for ‘treasury EL2‘.

Is Google turning evil?

December 12th, 2006

Search engine turned portal-omnivore Google has a reputation as being an ethical company. The informal corporate motto is “Don’t Be Evil”. But two stories today have made me start to wonder if maybe the ‘magic of the market’ has done its bit, and Google is starting to behave like pretty much any old monopolist.

First, Jeremy Zawodny spots Google stealing some content:

[T]hey decided to basically copy our page and slightly Googlify it. If you look, the design, layout, and most of the text are the same!

And then Tech Crunch reports on Google’s move into radio ads, and the hurt feelings at a competitor:

He [ CEO David Ciccarelli] claims the Google ad product is nearly identical, although he hasn’t seen it yet and has nothing to go on but the CNET quote above. But he also says that for the last couple of months traffic to the site from Mountain View (where Google is headquartered) has gone through the roof, accounting for about 5% of total traffic. He’s suggesting that Google has scoured the site to figure out what to copy in the business model.

Neither of these two stories by themselves is very remarkable. Web designs get copied all the time, and it’s very unlikely this was the deliberate decision of any of the senior executives (like Microsoft’s recent embarrassment is likely just one rogue designer). And it’s a rough business out there, but competition is fair game. Just because you got there first doesn’t mean you own the land (AltaVista, anyone?).

But together these stories give a sleazy feel that goes against the image Google has been trying to paint. It looks like the company is getting a bit too big to control, the feature sprawl is getting a bit too broad to be properly policed, and the quality is suffering as diminishing returns set in on the staff.

So what’s going on here?

Google is a really good search engine, but nothing else it’s done has really impressed me except email. Google ‘gets’ search, and has come up with some good advertising solutions. The other businesses seem to be attempts to create greater traffic to their site, and to create new revenue streams that are increasingly far removed from their core business of web search.

None of the core search engine business really justify the price to earnings ratio the stock price implies at the moment: 53.1, compared to a ‘sane’ figure of around 15-20. That kind of share price suggests that investors are expecting massive growth in future earnings. Given that Google is at maturity in the search engine business (with little market share left to take), that growth can only come adding new businesses to Google. Or, to put it another way, investors are implicitly expecting earnings to quadruple, which even YouTube isn’t going to do on its own.

So this makes Google a shark: it can’t stop swimming, or it’ll die. Every month Google needs to be doing something that expands its business, makes its revenues larger, and makes the investors confident that it’ll keep growing. As soon as they stop swimming, the share price is going to take a sharp, dramatic dive.

But sharks can’t stop to be nice. Google can’t afford to be “not evil” now, if being “not evil” causes it to lose any of these opportunities to expand revenue. The wedge will be thin at first, with these kind of mild, almost unnoticeable offences. But they have to grow over time, the imperative of the stock market (and the insane valuation of Google) demands it.

It’s a bit sad really, and it would’ve been nice if Google hadn’t become the single-stock manifestation of the bad-old-days of the late 1990s tech boom, but it’s pretty inevitable now. We can just hope that a pretty good search engine sticks around once all the dust has settled.


December 12th, 2006

From Barista is this incredible photo of the Victorian fires:



December 12th, 2006

Weight: 112.1kg


December 12th, 2006

Weight: 112.4kg

Must. Resist. Sheep. Joke!

December 12th, 2006

ABC News Online:

One of the world’s biggest manufacturers of condoms is targeting New Zealand to test its new range of products because the people there are apparently among the most sexually active in the world. […] Past surveys suggest Kiwis are among the most sexually active in the world, among the highest in the world for sexual partners and one-night stands, as well as being relatively more adventurous when it to comes to experimenting in the bedroom.


December 10th, 2006

Weight: 111.4kg

US TV 2006 update

December 10th, 2006

Updates on the shows from my earlier post:

  • Jericho: Still not watching…
  • Vanished: Didn’t entice me back.
  • Smith: Still canceled.
  • The Class: Every time I say ‘I’m giving up on this’, the show redeems itself with some really good, really dark writing. Still right on the edge every episode, but hanging on so far. But not a ‘must see’.
  • Men in Trees: Continues to be entertaining, although I’m about 4 episodes behind now.
  • Help Me Help You: Nope, too much focus on the Ted Danson character, and not enough on the other interesting people in the group therapy session. Gave up on it.
  • The Nine: Not enough in it to sustain the premise, I gave up a few minutes before it got effectively canceled.
  • Ugly Betty: Still entertaining, but the backlog is also building up a bit.
  • Heroes: Just gets better and better every week. The best TV that I’ve seen in years and years. I’ll write a longer review in a few days, I hope.
  • Studio 60: Distressingly uneven, with way too much tendency for Aaron Sorkin to take revenge on those who have ‘wronged’ him in the past, with every character standing for someone in his life. Plus the comedy bits just aren’t very funny. Still, enough to keep me interested.
  • Friday Night Lights: Still keeping up there, very very good stuff (although it’s now dropped to second behind Heroes for the best show of the season).

And the two new shows since last time:

  • 30 Rock: Great talent (Tina Fey in particular), but the delivery of this show is very strange. It’s very much a poor corporate vehicle of a show, with intermittent sparks of good writing overwhelmed by very poor, very cliched writing for most of it. Gave up after about 3 episodes.
  • 20 Good Years: Intermittently funny, but nothing really new. A waste of a couple of very good actors.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try and get reviews up for Heroes, Friday Night Lights and Studio 60 sometime before the end of January, and then a recap at the end of the US TV season.


December 9th, 2006

Weight: 111.7kg

Land Yachts and Tanks

December 9th, 2006

As people who’ve heard me complain know, I often refer to the enormous four wheel drive vehicles cluttering our roads as ‘Land Yachts’, to reflect the pointless ostentation they represent. But a bit more common is referring to them as a tank. So do they actually compare?

  Audi Q7 Panzer I Panther
Length: 5.085m 4.02m 6.87m
Width: 1.983m 2.06m 3.42m
Height: 1.737m 1.72m 2.99m
‘Box'(a): 17.5m3 14.2m3 42.33
Weight: 2 tonnes 6 tonnes 44.8 tonnes

(a): Length x Width x Height

So: yes, some 4WD’s are as big as a tank. Not quite the same in weight, though. And a fairly small tank…