Month: May 2006

  • Cooked vegetables can be as acidic as soft drinks: study.

    Hah, I say, HAH!!! (ABC Australia News).

  • Ever buying any computer hardware?

    staticICE seems to be a useful search engine for Australian computer hardware prices. (Nothing very new, but most of the ones on the ‘net are US-centric).

  • Where in the World?

    The National Geographic Society has just published another round of its survey that always shows how poor people are at geography. There’s some pretty funny stuff in it (about a third of the sample think America has a population of 1-2 billion…), but some stuff I got wrong myself. But if you think you’re so […]

  • Open source iPod firmware

    Hmmm. Not sure if I’m quite will to run the rockbox open source jukebox firmware on my iPod. Maybe my old iPod. It does look very neat… Update: I’m closing the comments on this post because it’s become a spam magnet.

  • Memo to self: watch what you complain about

    Regarding my earlier comments about the Ruby on Rails documentation being out of date, a second edition of the main book Agile Web Development with Rails went came out today. (Fortunately I bought the PDF recently, so I get an upgrade for free…)

  • Japan is weird (part I)

    Via Boing Boing, there’s this: Gun-shaped teddy bear crackers ready to liven up wedding receptions. Sunamiya, a paint firm based in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, announced the development of the device, which blasts a teddy bear equipped with a parachute into the air. The teddy bear parachutes down afterwards. Developers hit on the idea after noticing […]

  • Speaking of trendy

    Several years too late, I’ve also gained an interest in proper version control. I’m using subversion, an open source version control system that has the advantage of integrating well with Rails, as well as being offered easily through my web host. There’s also this handy guide to how to set up a new rails project […]

  • I am a trendy web development victim

    I’ve fallen victim to the latest craze sweeping the web development world, namely the insidious evil of Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a nice little object oriented programming language (with perhaps a little bit too much in the way of ‘philosophy’), and Rails is a framework that rests on top of it that makes developing […]

  • New URL

    Welcome to the new URL (and slightly changed name) for my weblog. The old content will not be migrated over, because it just wasn’t that good. Here’s to fresh content!