Month: May 2006

  • Weight: 106.3kg Breakfast: Just Right Lunch: Vegemite sandwich Dinner: Mince with pesto & pasta Snacks: 1 muesli bar Total: 1514kCal Exercise: None

  • Weight: 106.4kg Breakfast: Just Right Lunch: Vegemite sandwich Dinner: Chicken Cacciatore Dessert: WW Chocolate pudding Snacks: 6 rice cakes, Tic Tacs, 2 scoops Ice Cream, Muesli Bar Total: 1939kCal Exercise: None

  • Weight: 107.9kg Breakfast: Just Right Lunch: Vegemite sandwich Dinner: Rogan Josh Dessert: WW Chocolate pudding Snacks: None Total: 1349kCal Exercise: None

  • My eyes, the goggles do nothing!

    Yes, I know the blog looks horrible at the moment. I’m experimenting with some possibilities for layout, and should have it all working neatly in a week or two. (Which will also mean fewer posts from me, as my spare time for this blog will go into design rather than content…)

  • Remixing movie trailers

    Ever seen a movie and thought afterwards that the trailer you saw looked nothing like that? Well guess how far you can take it… The Sound of Music (as a drama, without music). The 10 Commandments (as a teen high school comedy). Jaws (as a romance). Top Gun (as a Brokeback Mountain like movie. There […]

  • From the Annals of Laws Certain to be Followed

    The Australian Government Attorneys General’s Department has just announced (long overdue) changes to copyright law with respect to making personal copies of television shows and CDs. Most of it seems fairly sensible, albeit long overdue. But one aspect of it strikes me as… somewhat optimistic about the willingness of Australians to comply: The first private […]

  • Ever wondered what you’d look like in South Park?

    Me: Helen: (Generated using South Park Studio).

  • Superman Returns

    Wow! I haven’t been this excited by a movie trailer in a very long time. This looks like a lot of fun.

  • Jeff Kennet back? Oh please oh please!

    From today’s news, Jeff Kennett is considering returning to the Victorian lberal party leadership. All I can say is: oh please, let it be true! State politics in Australia is populated by such a group of bland nonentities that I find it very hard to get interested. Jeff Kennet would be such an entertainment. (He […]

  • Religion and America

    …I just do not get it. For instance, why would a candidate for political office say this: “There are only two nations I know of that have been supernaturally blessed: Israel, because God chose them … and the other is the United States,” Jordan said. Two questions: One, how does he know this? And second, […]