Perth has no taxis

March 2nd, 2007

Just back from a couple of days in Perth for work. This is my second trip to Perth, and the first time that I’ve had a little bit of time to look around. I had to travel down to Mandurah (about an hour south of Perth), and got to have a look around Rockingham and Fremantle on the way down. Some very nice scenery on the way (along with a fair bit of ugly infrastructure for wheat exports and other ports).

However, my overwhelming impression of Perth is that there must be about five taxis. For the whole city! Walking down the main street in the middle of the day we walked for 15 minutes without a single free taxi coming along. In which time, in fact, we’d reached our destination. It’s the whole mining boom in a microcosm.

However, after 6 meetings on one day (with Tuesday finishing at 7pm) I’m pretty tired. Still, I’ve pretty much finished the write up work from the trip and can now relax and write posts for the blog.