Category: Website programming

  • The strange appeal of Facebook

    In recent weeks (since mid-July, really) the social networking website [Facebook]( has become the centre of a pretty substantial hype storm. Whenever you see discussions of new websites in the mainstream press, something different is happening. So, why? On its surface, Facebook is not much different than the previous champion of social networking, [Myspace]( But […]

  • ABC News has a new site

    The [ABC]( launched a new website today, the most interesting part of which is the [ABC News]( site. It is, in a word, bold. Web 2.0 is getting pretty trendy now. Between [Digg]( and [Flickr]( the most common trends have become clear. But would anyone have expected that you’d see a mainstream, conservative website with […]

  • The problems with Wikipedia

    [Wikipedia]( is one of the most incredible developments that I’ve ever seen. An encyclopedia that anyone can edit? Sounds like a fruitbat notion doomed to failure. But it’s worked. Mostly. There are a few fault points developing. And these may show the beginning of the end for Wikipedia as we know it. A couple of […]

  • Winston with a shoe

    Winston with a shoe Originally uploaded by Exasperated Calculator. Here’s another picture of the kitten, as well as a quick test of a new way of posting photos to the site. Update: Hmmm, the picture seems to be blocked from Treasury, but everything else works well.

  • Speaking of trendy

    Several years too late, I’ve also gained an interest in proper version control. I’m using subversion, an open source version control system that has the advantage of integrating well with Rails, as well as being offered easily through my web host. There’s also this handy guide to how to set up a new rails project […]

  • I am a trendy web development victim

    I’ve fallen victim to the latest craze sweeping the web development world, namely the insidious evil of Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a nice little object oriented programming language (with perhaps a little bit too much in the way of ‘philosophy’), and Rails is a framework that rests on top of it that makes developing […]