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  • Another T-Shirt I need to own…

    From Way of the Rodent. I’d order it, but I’ve already spent something like $200 on geeky T-shirts this year.

  • Got a quiet 50 hours or so?

    Found via some source I cannot now remember (sorry!), is this collection of 100 scanned issues of Computing Gaming World. The collection covers from 1981 to 1992, so it’s a pretty dramatic period in computer games. The first issue covers mainly computer based wargames (with a very prescient essay about the advantages that computer war […]

  • Waiting for Nintendo

    It is now 52 days to go until the release of the Nintendo Wii, the most interesting looking of the nextgen consoles. Personally I find it hard to get excited about the PS3 or the Xbox360 – they’re just a lot faster and prettier. But the Wii brings a whole new way of playing games. […]